This is it, this is the one product that works – for me.

No marine collagen (a must for me) , just a clever combination of ingredients that when combined, work magic.

First trial – wary of results, all to quickly my body responded and I felt ‘good’. Within weeks my hair, nails and skin had benefited, even my bones and muscles felt stronger.  I felt energised and in tune with my whole self, both physically and emotionally.  Whatever was missing, my body found it in the product.  I became a worshiper, never missing my daily fix and convinced that my improved appearance and improved energy was down to this pot of powder.

When forced to try another product, with the necessary extra add on products, I knew for sure that nothing would replace what I had been taking.  The consumption of collagen, separate tablets etc became a chore and I felt no sense of well being.  Over a period of six months my nails began to split and thin, my hair looked drab and my skin looked tired.  More importantly I felt different – as if something essential was missing, and no matter how carefulI I was with my diet I couldn’t replicate that sense of  ease within myself.  I didn’t feel or look as good as I had.

Now I have the magic pot of Totally Derma back  and although its still so new to my system, I know that the smile on my face and the sense of balance is because of what I’m taking.

I could never explain how scientifically it works for me – it just does – I only hope it never goes away again in my lifetime.


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May Simpkin, one of the UK’s leading nutritionists, is a UK registered practitioner with a Masters Science degree in Personalised Nutrition. She is an experienced clinician, practicing functional medicine from an evidence base, providing the latest research into nutrition. She is bound by the code of ethics in clinical practice and has met the strict criteria required for BANT, the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy and the CNHC, Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, which is the council recommended by the UK Department of Health for complementary and natural healthcare services. She is also Chair of the Continual Professional Committee at BANT. In addition, she is registered with IFM, The Institute for Functional Medicine and a member of the RSM, The Royal Society of Medicine. For more information visit or follow May on Instagram: @maysimpkinnutrition or Twitter @MaySimpkin or Facebook

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