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The Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM) is a term that is used to describe the various menopausal symptoms that transpire due to physical changes in the vulva, vagina, and lower urinary tract. GSM affects women’s bodies in many ways, subsequently impacting the quality of life and relationships. Common GSM signs include genital symptoms, such as vaginal dryness, burning, and irritation; sexual symptoms, such as lack of lubrication, discomfort, or pain during or after sex; as well as urinary symptoms, including stress and urge incontinence, and recurrent urinary tract infections.

Even though GSM is estimated to affect the well-being of more than 70% of women worldwide, it is rarely talked about and many women do not seek treatment. GSM symptoms can have a profound negative impact on physical and mental health, as well as on one’s quality of life and mobility. For instance, urinary symptoms such as stress urinary incontinence and urge incontinence result in many women relying on expensive absorbent underwear or limiting their outings from home in case they have an accident. Vaginal symptoms such as dryness, irritation, and painful sex can affect relationships, with many women having to abstain from having sex or experiencing discomfort and pain during or after sex. In addition to distressing GSM symptoms, women around the age of menopause also notice considerable changes to their appearance, especially skin, hair, nails, and joints. This is due to the sharp drop in collagen production, which leads to dehydrated and textured skin, loss of hair, brittle nails, and joint pain.

Given the previous efficacy of Totally Derma® nutraceutical collagen drink supplement in improving skin texture and supplying collagen to the body, we were curious to see if ingesting Totally Derma® would improve the GSM symptoms along with skin, hair, nail, and joints health in menopausal women. In the following trial, eight women were instructed to take Totally Derma®, a hydrolysed bovine collagen supplement, at night for 12 weeks. The formulation of Totally Derma® Nutraceutical Drink Supplement contains high amounts of collagen amino acid peptides, hyaluronic acid, and other synergistic co-factors which are distributed via the blood vessels into the deep layer of the skin, the dermis, where they stimulate fibroblast cells to produce more collagen and hyaluronic acid. This unique formulation contains a superior form of hydrolysed collagen, Arthred®, sourced via Gelita, AG, the collagen peptide experts. Totally Derma® has been specially formulated to reduce inflammation in the body to improve skin, hair, nail, joints, gut, bones, and menopausal health.

In this 3-month study, seven of the eight participating women were post-menopause, one was perimenopausal, and the average age was 51. Five women were using transdermal or oral HRT, in addition, one was using ovestin, one was using vagirux and one was using a DHEA supplement. The participants were asked to rate the severity of their GSM symptoms (vaginal dryness, pain during or after sex, bleeding after sex, stress urinary and urge incontinence and external genital irritation) together with the improvements in their skin, hair, nail, and joints health.

While it is a small study, the participating women have reported a 70% improvement in all GSM symptoms. Moreover, 7 of 8 women reported an improvement in their skin, nail, hair, and joint health. All women reported that bleeding after sex has stopped and all women also saw an improvement in skin hydration, skin texture and nail strength. Six women reported that their stress urinary incontinence had improved and five women said that their urge incontinence subsided as well. Six out of eight participating women have seen relief in their labial symptoms, with one experiencing no symptoms at all. Moreover, five women saw better hair growth, and three women reported a good to moderate relief in their joint pain.

You can find the comments of the women who participated in the trial below:

“Everything improved! The Vulva and Vagina have improved incredibly (a tiny bit sore still but nothing as bad as they were before Totally Derma®. The improvement started after 2 months and continues to improve every day.“

“Hurrah!! I am having pain free sex for the first time in a very long time with no bleeding afterwards. Vaginal lubrication is so much better, it is amazing to finally feel comfortable as I was so worried that my sex life was over the way it was so painful before. I am so thankful to Totally Derma®, it has transformed my life.”

“I have noticed my labia is much more comfortable and I am able to reduce the amount of Ovestin I use now, internally and externally.“

“I feel my body articulation has overall improved the longer I take it. My joints are more supple. I also feel much better hydration in my skin and vagina. It definitely takes time, patience is required but I feel my skin is smoother and firmer. Stronger nails were one of the first things I noticed as well as stronger hair. This collagen-boosting supplement is something I’ll be taking for life.”

“Skin is consistently hydrated and texture more smooth, the sporadic itchiness on my arms and legs I had been getting has stopped, feeling more fluid movement in my body.”

“My hair also feels strong and is growing fast and feels thick and soft. I am not losing it like I was before.”

“My skin is wonderful on my face with my hormonal acne now totally gone with only a little dark scaring (not sure if this will improve over time) The skin on my body is less dry with only a little itching on my arms.”

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