Arthred®’s Bovine Origins and Purity
November 2016
Boley Nutraceuticals Ltd

Anita Eyles
Founder & Director 

gelita-logo-1024x340Arthred® is a pharmaceutically pure collagen derived from the hide of German cattle in Germany via Gelita AG. Gelita are gelatine, collagen and collagen peptide experts. They are a leading global supplier of collagen proteins. These natural, pure and allergen-free clean-label ingredients play a key role in good food, healthy living and technical innovation. With their global presence, Gelita are active in the health and nutrition, pharmaceutical and medical sectors, and a wide range of exciting technical applications.  Allergy Research Group source their Gelatine via Gelita.

Arthred® has been extensively tested through both animal and human clinical trials, which have established its nontoxic nature and beneficial effects. However, we have been frequently questioned about its safety because it is a bovine source material.

Some have contacted us with concerns about the use of growth hormones in animals used to produce Arthred®. Germany, as well as the World Health Organization (WHO), has regulations in place that prohibit both the use of growth hormones in raising cattle and the importation of beef products that come from cows raised with them.

Because of this, one can be certain that absolutely no animals containing growth hormones are used in the production of Arthred®. Furthermore, the material is produced to meet pharmaceutical standards that require a level of purity at which no growth hormone, pathogen or toxin can be left in the material after processing, even if they were initially present in the animal.

We have also received several communications expressing concern over mad cow disease. Again, Germany prohibits the importation of beef and beef products from the United Kingdom (England), and any country that has identified mad cow disease among its animal population. On top of this, every animal is rigorously inspected for any type of disease before slaughter. And so, no animals with mad cow disease are used in the manufacture of Arthred® either. In fact, the pharmaceutical process used to extract and break down collagen in the production of Arthred® eliminates mad cow pathogens or other carriers of disease in the finished product. This fact has been experimentally tested and proved by the manufacturer, DGF Stoess, in Germany.

One of the more interesting questions we have received regards the type of cartilage re-grown using Arthred®.   Since the material is a bovine collagen and is responsible for the re-growth of cartilage, the questioner was curious as to whether the new cartilage was bovine or human in nature. As mammals, humans and cattle basically use the same kind of collagen protein to glue our cells together. Arthred® is a collagen that is hydrolyzed down to free amino acids, di-peptides and tri-peptides, which are very tiny protein fragments of one, two or three amino acid molecules in combination. Arthred® is broken down into such miniscule pieces in order to maximize bioavailability and, therefore, its effectiveness. The material lacks any traceable identification back to its bovine source. Our bodies use these protein fragments to assemble new collagen fibres, forming very human cartilage.

We hope this discussion has clarified any concerns about Arthred®. Let us assure you that we take care to produce all of our products to meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Arthred® itself serves as the cornerstone of Boley Nutraceuticals Ltd. highly effective Totally Derma® formula.