Fresh and Ready for the year ahead; Combatting Stress

The start of the year is always a time to setting goals and resolving to make positive changes, with your health lifestyle often topping the list. Without doubt, making your health the focus of your new year challenge will leave you feeling less lethargic and more energized; perfect to get your through the colder, dreary [...]

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What Happens To Our Skin When We Exercise? – As Explained By Rajiv Grover, Consultant Plastic Surgeon

“Exercise has really quite an important link to ageing. If you are performing a lot of cardiovascular exercise, then, for example, Triathlons, Marathon running, first, you are going to be burning a lot of calories. There seems to be a switch, that from the age of about 35-40 onwards, you tend to lose facial volume, [...]

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I like Totally Derma® because it is scientifically proven

I like Totally Derma® because it is scientifically proven and we know what the therapeutic doses are. I strongly advise my patients in between courses of treatment where we are using machines to try and stimulate collagen production, to take Totally Derma® in between treatment times, because everything we can do to get the body to [...]

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“TOTALLY DERMA® represents a new era of skincare

“TOTALLY DERMA® represents a new era of skincare, paving the way for an integral approach to staying young and feeling your best. I like their philosophy, it’s a sensible one, a credible one and one that starts from within. Anti-ageing, wellness and aesthetic solutions come with clinical support and proven ingredients. It is products like [...]

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Increase collagen and hyaluronic acid

“I was awaiting the kind of drink (medically proven) which will help daily to increase collagen and HA and will help me to achieve better results with the PDO lifting. Totally Derma® came at the right time. The biggest advantage compared to other treatments, is that the collagen and hyaluronic acid in Totally Derma® are increased [...]

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Totally Derma – totally over the moon…

This is it, this is the one product that works - for me. No marine collagen (a must for me) , just a clever combination of ingredients that when combined, work magic. First trial - wary of results, all to quickly my body responded and I felt 'good'. Within weeks my hair, nails and skin [...]

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