aaaaAesthetic Clinic  Skin health boosting drinks are becoming increasingly popular adjunctive therapy in medical skin clinics today because of their potential to complement and optimise treatment outcomes. 

The sudden growth in Nutraceuticals and glowing skin supplements may also be attributed to the more holistic approach towards anti-ageing demanded by patients and adopted by many practitioners today.

Drinking Totally Derma daily can enhance the effects of medical aesthetic treatments, including chemical skin peels, medical needling, injectable and light based energy devices by stimulating collagen and facilitating skin repair between treatments. 

“I spend my life trying to get patients to do things that help build collagen in the skin. It’s kind of the holy grail of anti-ageing, so when Totally derma approached me with nutritional support for the skin, I was all ears.”

“I strongly advise my patients in between courses of treatment like Intracel and Ultracel, where we are using machines to try and stimulate collagen production, to take Totally Derma® in between treatment times, because everything we can do to get the body to make collagen is only going to help”

Dr. Beata Cybulska, Weybridge, Surrey



“When patients have regenerative treatments in clinic, we often also combine them with a high-grade bovine collagen supplement. Personally, my preferred collagen supplements contain a superior-quality bovine collagen which is more similar to human collagen than marine types. My dose recommendation is 10g collagen per day.” Dr Stef Williams, Eudelo Clinic, BEST LONDON CLINIC, Aesthetic Awards Winner 2018

“Collagen supplements have become something of a trend and I admit I was sceptical about them at first. But recent clinical evidence has made me change my mind. So how do they work?

Natural collagen is too huge a molecule to reach your skin intact after swallowing: to be absorbed by the gut, it would have to be digested into smaller units. Collagen supplements contain small collagen fragments – peptides and amino acids – which are easily absorbed by the small intestine and distributed throughout the body via the bloodstream, where they remain for up to 14 days.

And because there are suddenly unusually high amounts of collagen building blocks floating around, your skin is tricked into thinking there must be some breakdown – a major injury, perhaps. The regenerative procedure you’ve just had will reinforce this message – think of the tens of thousands of micro-wounds induced by medical needling for example.  So your skin responds to both these alerts by increasing its own collagen production – conveniently using the building blocks we’ve just supplied. This collagen stimulating trigger leads to tissue remodelling, skin regeneration and ultimately a firmer, more refined-looking skin.”