A natural solution for some of the effects of losing collagen post-Menopause

From the Greek pausis (cessation) and men (month), the Menopause is officially classified as the day after final the menstrual flow and marks the end of reproductive life. At this stage, there is a dramatic fall in circulating oestrogen and progesterone and therefore the balance of sex hormones alters; ovaries stop producing eggs and therefore [...]

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Collagen – any good for joint pain?

Joint pain and discomfort can be debilitating for many and reducing pain as well as repairing joints is often a priority to help ease the symptoms day-to-day. After all, pain caused by Osteoarthritis, where the cartilage breaks down, grinding down the joints as the bones rub together, is certainly uncomfortable.  Until around the age of [...]

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What Happens To Our Skin When We Exercise? – As Explained By Rajiv Grover, Consultant Plastic Surgeon

“Exercise has really quite an important link to ageing. If you are performing a lot of cardiovascular exercise, then, for example, Triathlons, Marathon running, first, you are going to be burning a lot of calories. There seems to be a switch, that from the age of about 35-40 onwards, you tend to lose facial volume, [...]

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