For those clinics not set up to take stock and during this lockdown Covid-19 period, we have set up an affiliate programme.

If works as follows:

Affiliate clinic partners sign up to the Affiliate Programme

Affiliate clinic partners to recommend TD to their clients

Clients purchase products using their unique links (generated in the affiliate area dashboard)

The affiliate commission fee is 30% (*for those stocking Totally Derma® in clinic, the profit margin is 47%)

We offer promotional discounts within the Affiliate Area for you to incentivise your databases.

Step 1: Add your PayPal email address in the Pay-outs tab.
All commission payments will be paid on the 30th of the month

*At the moment, we cannot pay affiliates commission as the PayPal link is only working to purchase the products. Please choose from the following:

  1. Get paid via PayPal email on the 30th of each month (if yes, please give us your email details)


  1. Please invoice us and we pay you via online Banking (BACS)

Step 2: Please use any of our marketing materials that are supplied for you in the dashboard area

Step 3: Your own unique referral links*
*We have enabled a 90 days cookie to your link (this means that if someone used your link to visit our website and they don’t purchase the first time, but visit the website and make a purchase at a later date within the 90 day timeframe, it will still be recorded as you being the referrer. If the customer repurchases without using your link, you will still get the referral commission.