What is
Totally Derma® nutraceutical drink supplement?

Totally Derma® is a daily ingestible drink supplement for a double pronged approach to age management. Internal and topical. It works from the inside to stimulate the body’s optimum production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, addressing both the aesthetic (physical) signs of ageing and the underlying physiological processes.

Due to the increase in Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid levels in the body, Totally Derma® is shown to deliver improvements for skin ageing and dryness (face and body), hair (quantity and quality), nails, vaginal dryness, joint pain, ligament and tendon problems/injuries.

Meet our founder

Anita Eyles

The collagen and hyaluronic acid are increased all over the body, not just in a targeted area, so it promotes skin regeneration as well as general health and well-being.

Anita EylesOwner/Director, Boley Nutraceuticals Ltd
Brand Owner, Totally Derma®

Boley Nutraceuticals are dedicated to OTC consumer driven and science inspired anti-ageing, wellness, aesthetic and healthcare solutions, working with worldwide leading manufacturers and highest pharmaceutical quality standards.

The Company philosophy echoes Efficacy, Innovation, Research and Quality.

Anita is a very experienced sales and marketing professional with extensive knowledge of the nutritional supplement market, and is passionate about fitness, health and well-being.

Totally Derma® – The Concept

Anita devised the concept to develop a Branded Nutraceutical Collagen Drink Supplement that would transfer the physiological/skeletal benefits of its active ingredient, to that of the Aesthetic Medical Market.

Anita was previously taking Arthred® (for her joints and bad back), a patented hydrolysed collagen peptide powder, clinically reported to support, maintain and promote collagen & cartilage tissue throughout the body.

In addition to Arthred® quickly alleviating her joint/back problems, it soon was apparent there were very noticeable benefits to her skin; namely – hydration, volume, density and elasticity. This was the “lightbulb moment”; to develop an unrivalled nutraceutical drink supplement – one with “medical heritage”. Totally Derma® is now available in over 160 medical aesthetic clinics, pharmacies, nutritional and physio clinics in the UK and is now available in Canada and Australia.

Arthred® is only available via Healthcare Professionals worldwide. The Totally Derma® Manufacturers, are unsurpassed in their pharma-quality nutritional supplements, sheer excellence and advanced technology and manufacture the highest quality ingredients with advanced techniques available worldwide.

Totally Derma® Collagen Drink Supplement is developed via a Manufacturing and Exclusive Distribution Agreement and remains in a league of its own.

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